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Extraordinary places and services make it possible to widen your horizons and to gain a holistic perspective.

In an ever increasingly disenchanting world, the interest in mystersy, fairytales and mythology is taking on. The desire for emotions, for time for feelings and harmony, as well as balance between body and soul, is steadily increasing within the human consciousness.

That’s why we focus on nature, on the one hand, to create positive vibrations and on the other hand, to bring our guests in balance with the natural environment.


The corner stones of our holistic concept is formed along with the water and energy flow, the Geomancy and the preservation of the traditional “Wienerwald” architecture.

The unperturbed natural surroundings and the proximity of the Schöpfl mountain, is ideal for long hikes, mountain biking and golf.

You should also become a part of this concept and allow yourself to be spoilt.