Landgasthof zur Linde
Culinary delicacies
Cozy Rooms
Natural atmosphere
Seductive menu


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The country restaurant, zur Linde, has been a popular meeting place for connoisseurs and for those who want to indulge in experiencing unusual tastes, melting in their mouths.

True to century long tradition, as new owners, we will continue to remain faithful to the wishes of our guests. The restaurant, with its own butchery, is nestled amid the rolling landscape of the "Wienerwald". It was already an insiders’ tip right from its foundation in 1811.

In 1895, the Emperor honored the Linde which was at that time, already popular way beyond the borders of the "Wienerwald".

The bar parlor, with its antique and grand wooden ceiling, conveys the atmosphere of the good old days.


For our 200th Anniversary, we would like to spoil you with modern and classical culinary dishes and we would like to serve you with imperial delicacies. We are constantly developing new culinary delights for diversified and seductive tastes.

Each of our guests should feel like an emperor and should be seduced by Linde’s cuisine.